The science of calming sound for anxiety

July 3, 2023
There’s something about certain sounds that can immediately calm us down. The sound of rain, for example, is known to have a relaxing effect. And now there’s scientific evidence to suggest that calming sounds can also increase our creativity.
A study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology found that participants who listened toSounds of Nature had increased creativity and problem-solving abilities. The study’s authors believe that the calming effect of the sounds may have helped participants to “let go” of their preconceptions and think outside the box.
So if you’re feeling stuck on a problem or creative project, try listening to some calming sounds – you may just find that it helps you to come up with some new ideas!

2. The Science Of Why Calming Sounds Increase Creativity

The scientists believe that the calming effect of the sounds helps the brain to break free of traditional thought patterns and come up with new solutions. The calming sounds reduce the level of stress and anxiety in the mind, and in turn, increase the creativity level.
The study also revealed that the calming sounds increased the participants’ ability to take risks and make unconventional decisions. This suggests that calming sounds can help to break away from old patterns of thinking and come up with more creative solutions.
In addition, the calming sounds may encourage the mind to enter the “alpha” state, which is associated with increased creativity. The alpha state is a relaxed state in which the brain waves slow down, allowing the mind to be more open and accepting to new ideas and information.
This study demonstrates the power of calming sounds to increase the creativity level of the participants. So if you’re feeling stuck on a creative project, take a break and listen to some calming sounds; you may find that it helps you to come up with some new ideas!

What Research Says About The Relationship Between Creativity and Calm

Research has found there is a strong relationship between wellbeing and creative thinking. Studies have shown that when people are in a state of calm and relaxation, their level of creative thinking significantly improves.
Calmness has a positive effect on creativity as it encourages the flow state, which is a state of relaxed focus where ideas freely flow. In comparison, when people are in a stressed or anxious state, their creative abilities are significantly reduced.
Additionally, research has found that calming sounds can enhance creativity. This is because these sounds help to reduce stress and create a safe and comfortable environment for creative thinking.
Overall, the link between wellbeing and creativity is a crucial one as it can dictate the quality of creative work produced. Through calming activities, such as meditation and listening to calming sounds, people can boost their level of creativity.

How You Can Use This To Your Advantage

If you want to increase your creativity and novel thinking, introducing calming sounds into your creative process can be beneficial.
Here’s how you can use this to your advantage:
1. Create a Calm Environment: Choose a room that is free from distractions and opt for ambient lighting as opposed to bright lights. Set the temperature to a comfortable level and make sure the room is quiet.
2. Set The Tone: Take some time to pick the right music, nature sounds, or a guided meditation that works best for you.
3. Get Focused: Start by taking a few moments to meditate. Focus on your breathing and take some deep breaths.
4. Start Creating: Once you have reached a state of relaxation, you can start your creative process and begin to produce creative work.
5. Get Into A Flow State: As you continue to listen to the calming sounds, you may enter a flow state – a state of relaxed focus where ideas and energy freely flow.
By following these simple steps, you can turn your creative process into a journey of exploration and discovery – all while using calming sounds to your advantage.

The Takeaway

The science of why calming sounds increase creativity is becoming increasingly popular among creatives, as it allows for one to reach a relaxed and focused state of mind to produce work. The takeaways from this are simple, yet effective.
1. Create a Calm Environment: Give yourself the distraction-free environment you need to produce your best work.
2. Set The Tone: Pick the music, nature sounds, or a guided meditation that works best for you.
3. Get Focused: Start your creative process by taking a few moments to meditate and focus on your breathing.
4. Start Creating: Once relaxed, you can start allowing your ideas and energy to flow freely.
5. Get Into A Flow State: Let calming sounds help you into a flow state to produce even better work.
By following these steps, you can use calming sounds to increase your creativity and create some of your best work.
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